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9 Reasons Why VoIP Is Better For Your Business

VoIP is all the buzz in small business today. It’s not surprising that many businesses and non-profits are upgrading their telephone systems to VoIP. You may wonder if it’s all worth the hassle of changing providers and incurring the expenses that follow. Here are some reasons to consider switching to VoIP ASAP:

1) Calls with VoIP cost less

Because all of your VoIP calls are routed over your current data connection, calls between your staff are free.  In addition to that, many VoIP companies offer flat rate unlimited long distance plans, so your bill is the same month to month.

2) No antiquated PBX system to maintain

With conventional lines, if you want advanced features like an auto-attendant, voicemail to email, and different extensions for each of your employees, you often have to purchase and maintain the PBX system yourself.  If you don’t have the necessary expertise, providers are more than willing to sell you expensive service agreements. With a hosted VoIP solution, you can avoid all of that hassle.  Most enterprise features are generally included and can be managed from an easy to use dashboard.  There is no equipment for you to purchase or maintain.

3) Easy entry into a new phone system

This may come as a surprise, but upgrading to a newer system doesn’t have to be expensive.  The only new hardware you have to get are IP phones.  Most IP phones come with all the features you’ll need.  VoIP companies often will have leasing or rental options that are extremely affordable.

4) Modern voicemail is as easy as email

Voicemail is much easier to manage with VoIP. You can even have your voicemail forwarded automatically to your email inbox where you can listen from your computer or smartphone.

5) Ditch the fax machine

Many business still keep fax machines around for the occasional fax. Your existing fax number can be converted into an eFax number.  From there you get a web-based fax console where you can send and manage your received faxes. Another bonus: You can choose which faxes to print. If your physical fax machine is important to you or your business, most companies have solutions that allow you to keep your conventional fax line.

6) It takes very little time to upgrade to a VoIP system

Just about every business has been through a painful technology upgrade at some point in their past.  Enterprise VoIP phones often come pre-configured so they are truly plug-and-play.  You just need an internet connection.

7) Customers get to the help they need faster

Callers don’t like being put on hold or transferred repeatedly between several departments to reach the one person they need to talk with. This is where the IVR or Auto-Attendant comes in.  With an Auto-Attendant, callers can reach the department or person they need quickly so they can speak with them directly or leave a message.

8) Showcase advanced features in your business

Employees use multiple devices throughout a workday – personal phones, work phones, cordless phones, computer, etc. Each user can have custom rules set up that ensures that incoming calls get to where they were intended. These features are included in most VoIP plans.

9) Budget – with a better bottom line

With most conventional telephone connections, your bill is fluctuating from month to month based on usage. In addition, there are a myriad of fees, taxes, and hidden charges that are hard to interpret on your bill. I can’t speak for all VoIP companies, but Modern Dial Tone has the most simple, easy to understand bill in the industry.

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